7 Unique Ingredients & Features For a Healthy Smoothie Recipe

By definition, smoothies are a blended mix of healthy ingredients. They usually help to boost your immune system and complement everyone’s dietary routine. Most often, people search for different ingredients to strike a balance between healthy and tasty. Thus, we are sharing 7 ingredients that make a smoothie recipe healthy and enjoyable!

But before we dive in, it is important to note that below listed ingredients & features are used in Startuper’s Smoothies recipe. It is a readily available and easily consumable fruit snack whose recipes were developed with the help of scientists. You can check out our page for more information or just follow the guide below for 7 ingredients and features in Startuper’s Smoothies to make a healthy smoothie on your own at home.

Nutrient rich foods

Startuper‘s Smoothies are made from nutrient-dense ingredients that are naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and other elements. Fruits, such as mango, kiwi or seeds, chia or pumpkin, provide a wholesome value on nutrition label and are healthy for people‘s bodies.

Ionic minerals  

Ionic minerals are a source of magnesium, potassium, and other elements. We add them to our smoothies to normalise digestion and stabilize cardiovascular health. Furthermore, magnesium is a perfect source for boosting mental sharpness and is a food for brain and body muscles!

No added sugar  

If you want to reduce your sugar intake and add a pinch of natural sweetness from ecological fruits our smoothie is a way to go. Nothing to worry about – just a fair amount of healthy sugars found in fruit contents.


All the ingredients in our smoothies grow without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms. 

Prebiotic fiber

Fiber provides fullness after meals, which helps promote a healthy weight and supports the body‘s natural detox process. Prebiotics will help your gut bacteria and nurture the right balance of microbes in the digestive system. Yes, a balancedsmoothie should be edible instead of drinkable.

Natural protein

Proteins make up about 15% of the mass of the average person and supply amino acids for the growth and maintenance of our cells. At Startuper‘s Smoothies, we only use high vegan proteins.

In general, these recipes and features make up a balanced, healthy and tasty. Just follow it and voila – you can prepare such smoothie easily at home!

Don’t have time to make a smoothie for yourself at home? 

Startuper‘s Smoothies are ready-to-eat smoothie based recipe snacks that are healthy and functional by its ingredients. One of it‘s main functions is to give the freedom for people that are in a rush every day. Whether commuting to work or quickly hopping by home to change outfits, these ready-to-eat smoothies will ease everyone‘s nutrition routines in a healthy manner! 

You do not have to worry about long preparation processes for a healthy meal, especially when you are in a hurry. Startuper‘s Smoothies functional smoothies are fast, easy to consume & most importantly – wholesome in nutrients. 

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