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Meet Karolis and Lukas - Startupers behind Startuper’s Smoothies

They came up with Startuper’s Smoothies as a solution to a very personal problem. From a very young age, both of them were involved in ambitious entrepreneurial projects. Working late hours on their big ideas, Karolis and Lukas realized that they are not eating right. Two friends decided that being a busy startuper is no excuse for not getting your nutrition right.

Our paths have crossed for the first time at ISM University.
Got into new ventures – started generating ideas, participating in different business competitions. The very first creation - a bar of chocolate with minerals.
While studying at university we’ve noticed that there wasn’t enough time to eat properly and to stay full.
With a team of scientists we’ve started creating a formula for 3h of fullness.
Prototypes of the first smoothies.
Smoothie development and testing.
Long-awaited launch and introduction of Startuper’s Smoothies.
Expansion to major retail chains, cooperation with offices and export to other countries. We are booming the market even in the time of COVID-19.
SEED investment of 300k EURO!!! To be continued...

Startupers teamed up with experienced scientists and nutritionists to create a product for the modern individual. Everything from the formula of the smoothies to practical packaging was precisely thought through. There were no attempts to take the easy path. That is why, for example, the combo of 72 ionic minerals came from the distant Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA.

Years of developing and testing the formulas are now paying off. The nutritional innovation is sponsored by the EU, and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA), Lithuania’s main governmental agency for innovation. The project was also widely covered in Lithuania’s media. Today we are ready to share the good news with the world.

Meet the team


My philosophy in business is based on a simple aspect – team and teamwork.


It’s important not to get lost among the trees and forget about the amazing, beautiful forest you’re planting.


Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.


Won in category “Student’s Startup” at BZN Startup Awards 2016.
Received INOČEKIS acknowledgement by Kaunas University of Technology.
Won in category “Student’s Startup” at BZN Startup Awards 2018.
Received MITA- INOSTARTAS financial support for prototype creation.
Won INOSTARTAS competition, established a company.
EIT Food RIS Innovation Grants pitch session, 3rd place.
EIT Food JumpStarter 2019 nominees.
Received MITA financial support for testing the product in the market.