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Surely you can if your kid has teeth! Smoothie contains particles like chia seeds and pumpkin seeds that need to be chewed.  But be aware – they might crave for more & more!

Depends on individual body & level of activeness after consuming it – if you are doing sports, you will be full for up to 2 hours, if you’re hustling in the office – up to 3 hours.

We recommend serving smoothies chilled, at about 7°C/45°F, to get full #StartuperSmoothies experience. Otherwise, smoothies are still appropriate to use for 18 months even without keeping them in the refrigerator. Cool, huh?

Whenever you feel like lacking energy, motivation or productivity – a smoothie can be a nice start to a short break & starting point of something awesome!

Technically, smoothies contain all useful daily doses of nutrients & minerals, so you could enjoy them all day every day! Though, it’s better to diversify among different foods & meals, just like a diversity complements a team of an ambitious #Startup!

Since Startuper’s Smoothies can boast highly organic ingredients, the only allergen found here is yoghurt (for those not tolerating milk or dairy products).