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To become a startup sensation, you will need quick, easy and delicious intakes of protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber. And that’s what we’ve created for you.

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REAL food.
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Spinach power for a hungry programmer

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Maistas sportui Maistas sportui
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123 eat 123 eat

Convenient packaging for:


A great team player that fits every bag.


Flight-safe. Easy to carry. 


Quickly replenish your energy.

How we created functional smoothies?

Hello! We’re the startupers behind Startuper’s Smoothies – Karolis and Lukas, leaders at JSC Ionicum. We came up with Startuper’s Smoothies as a solution to a very personal problem – from a very young age, both of us were involved in ambitious entrepreneurial projects. Working late hours on our big ideas, we realized that we are not eating right. We’ve decided that being a busy startuper is no excuse for not getting your nutrition right. 

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