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Elevate your daily life with wholesome Startuper’s Smoothies to support your optimal health and see your ambitions, mood and results flourishing!


✔️ Feel full for up to 3 hours

✔️ Natural fruit base with nutrient-rich ingredients

✔️ Crunchy effect – The addition of seeds activates chewing and digestive system)⁠

✔️ Daily dose of 74 ionic minerals important for your health (magnesium, calcium, zinc etc.)⁠

✔️ Natural proteins & prebiotic fibers help promote a healthy weight and support the body‘s natural detox process

✔️ Excellent replacement for all unhealthy fast-food alternatives

✔️ Fits even in the tiniest bags or sections of a backpack!

✔️ Shelf-life of 18 months. No refrigeration needed.⁠ 

✔️ Certified by GRAS, Halal, Vegan.

🇱🇹 Created in Lithuania


*Free shipping for orders over 50€ (parcel lockers).
Minimal order value 20€



Refrigeration isn’t necessary, but for the full Startuperish experience, it’s best to keep the smoothie in the fridge. However, the product is stable for 18 months regardless of temperature. Cool, huh?

Unicorn smoothie – Chocolate flavor

Ingredients: bananas*, strawberries*, chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, apple juice (from concentrate)*, pumpkin seeds*, oat protein*, cocoa powder* 1.1%, sea salt.

Hockey Stick – Berry flavor

Ingredients: bananas*, strawberries* 35%, chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds* 5%, pumpkin seeds*, blueberries* 3%, oat protein*, lime juice* 4% (from concentrate), sea salt.

CEO’s favourite – Tropical fruit flavor

Ingredients: mangoes* 42%, bananas*, passion fruit juice* (from concentrate), chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, oat protein*, lime juice* (from concentrate), sea salt.

Python Coder – Spinach and Kiwi flavor

Ingredients: bananas*, kiwi* 18.5%, spinach* 16%, lime juice* (from concentrate), chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, oat protein*, sea salt, peppermint*.
*organic ingredients. No added sugars, colorants, or preservatives in the recipe.

Depends on individual body & level of activeness after consuming it – if you are doing sports, you will be full for up to 2 hours, if you’re hustling in the office – up to 3 hours.

Whenever you feel like lacking energy, motivation or productivity – a smoothie can be a nice start to a short break & starting point of something awesome!

Technically, smoothies contain all useful daily doses of nutrients & minerals, so you could enjoy them all day every day! Though, it’s better to diversify among different foods & meals, just like a diversity complements a team of an ambitious #Startup!

Startuper’s smoothie contains oat protein, which may come into contact with gluten due to possible cross-contamination during processing.

What’s the flavor of your success? 

CEO’s Favorite – Tropical Recipe for a Wealthy Destiny

✔️ Tropical Fruits

✔️ 8.2 g of protein

✔️ 264 cal

Ingredients: mangoes* 42%, bananas*, passion fruit juice* (from concentrate), chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, oat protein*, lime juice* (from concentrate), sea salt.

Hockey Stick – Fresh Berry Boost for a Dramatic Change in Fortunes

✔️ Berries & Seeds

✔️ 7.6 g of protein

✔️ 228 cal

Ingredients: banana*, strawberries* 35%, Chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, blueberries* 3%, oat protein*, lime juice (from concentrate*), sea salt.

Python Coder – Spinach Power for a Hungry Programmer

✔️ Spinach & Kiwi

✔️ 8 g of protein

✔️ 212 cal

Ingredients: banana*, kiwi* 18,5%, lime juice (from concentrate*), Chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, oat protein*, sea salt, peppermint*.

Unicorn – A Chocolatey Way to Your First Million

✔️ Cacao & Seeds

✔️ 7.2 g of protein

✔️ 220 cal

Ingredients: banana*, strawberry*, Chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, apple juice (from concentrate*), oat protein*, cocoa powder* 11%, sea salt.

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  1. Neringa (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite smoothies, love them all! Sweet & healthy & convenient!

  2. Miglė

    Tasty and healthy smoothies!😍

  3. Helen Saluveer (verified owner)


  4. Erika (verified owner)

    Truly great smoothies! Feels like youre eating real food, keeps you full for quite some time and you can finish it later if its too much for you. Nice taste and great deal right now, would definitely recommend. Nice communication and fast delivery.

  5. Emilis

    Puiki užkandžių alternatyva darboholikams ir šiaip laiko neturintiems žmonėms. Rekomenduoju pabandyti CEO’S Favourite su mangais. Bomba🔋🤌

  6. Audrius (verified owner)

    Jau daugiau nei metai kaip atradome šį produktą. Puikiai tinka kaip užkandis kontroliuojant svorį. Patinka aiški sudėtis – be jokių nesamonių 🙂

  7. Jan

    My wife ordered these for herself as she usually doesn’t like fruit too much, so this seemed like an easier way to ingest it, especially at the office and she really loves it. What she didn’t count on is that me and the kids will love these so much that we had to order much more within days 🙂 Great, and for me, even better than ordinary smoothie you make at home, because this feels more like eating squashed fruit mixed with seeds instead of drinking it, and it’s definitely more tasty! Added vitamins and minerals are always welcome. Trully a fan!

  8. Marina

    I travel a lot and I had to find a way to eat healthy on the go and I’m sick of dull, expensive airport food. Smoothies usually aren’t my favorite, but lacking other options (I’m even less fond of powders and protein bars!), I’ve decided to try it, plus the price is very good.
    Boy, I was surprised! This is way more than a smoothie – it’s chewable, real food with lots of fibers that really keeps you full without that sugar spike. I’ve ordered all 4 flavors, and they all have its charm, but spinach & kiwi are my favorites. I will definitely be ordering stashes to have them with me at all times!

  9. Ieva (verified owner)

    Pirkau visą dėžę, tikrai sotu. Rekomenduoju skubantiems. Šį mėnesį mane tiesiog išgelbėjo, nes neturėjau laiko maisto gaminimui. Mėgstamiausias tai ceo’s favorite, su špinatais nelabai pradžiugino 😀

  10. P (verified owner)

    I overall liked the idea and the products, the flavours are nice, almost nothing to complain about except for the expiration date. I ordered these smoothies on September 2022 and the dates on the packaging said that it was packaged on June 2021 and about to expire on November/December 2022. While technically they are not expired, I realised that I paid full price for a product that was packaged more than a year ago and it about to expire (even though its expiration period should be very long). That was just distasteful from your part. Getting rid of old products at my expense. Will not be buying more unless I will be guaranteed to get fresh packages.

    • Aušrinė Šerpenskaitė (verified owner)

      Thank you for your review Paulina, we will mention expiry date in our product page, to get our clients informed. At the moment smoothies with this expiry day is available in our shop.

  11. Vilija (verified owner)

    Mano mėgstamiausias su špinatais – labai subalansuoto skonio chlorofilo šaltinis 🙂

  12. Laura Ž.

    O aš atradau dar vieną galimybę jį vartoti. Kadangi, kažkaip nelabai man ta konsistencija pasirodė, tai aš viską į plaktuvą, užpilu pasukomis, 30 sek ir tooooobulas kokteilis =)

  13. Evaldas


  14. Dovilė

    Ne tik skanu ir naudinga, bet ir patogu. Pasidedu mašinoje, sporto kuprinėje, kad visada būtų po ranka, kai neturiu laiko pilnai pavalgyti.

  15. Maya

    The flavour is really really not good. And to put yogurt in a “healthy” product… who made that decision? Since when dairy is healthy? I would not recommend. 2 stars only for original name and good intentions.

    • Aušrinė Šerpenskaitė (verified owner)

      Dear Maya, sorry for the bad experience. We are planning to create a vegan smoothie to avoid yogurt.

  16. Ieva

    Ką tik atsiėmiau produktus – jie nuostabūs! Išragavome ir dideli, ir mažuliai startuoliai:)

  17. Simona

    Labai naudingas maisto produktas, kai esi isisukes i darbus, taupo laika ir puoseleja sveikata 👍

  18. Inga

    Tikras atradimas. Taupo laiką ir valgau gerą, kokybišką ir skanų maistą!!!

  19. Ieva Dūdaitė

    Labai maistingi, taupantys laiką ir kelionėje idealūs sveiko maisto glotnučiai. Rekomenduoju visiems, kurie brangina savo laiką ir mitybos svarbą!

  20. Lilė Kalvaitienė

    Esu labai laiminga ir rami atradusi šiuos produktus. Visa šeima mėgsta, valgo ir visada pasisotina :)) smagu turėti išvykoje, po sporto ar tiesiog užsimanius užkąsti.


  21. Lukas Laurinavičius

    Labai geras produktas! Praverčia, kai dienoje lieka mažai laiko maisto gamybai. Rekomenduoju.

  22. Gintarė Radvilavičiūtė

    I truly recommend it for those who are trying to eat healthy. The most delicious HEALTHY snack 😇

  23. Ričardas

    Never have I found something more refreshing as a snack then this smoothie😍

  24. Ieva

    Koookie geri smoothies! Rekomenduoju visiems! ☺️🥭🍎🍌
    Puikiai tinka po intensyvių treniruočių!

  25. Kotryna

    Absolutely love Startuper’s smoothies! I have tried all the tastes and so far the Hockey Stick is my favorite – a perfect blend of different ingredients. As I often forget to eat between meetings, it is a great healthy snack!

  26. Laurita

    Can’t imagine my days without startupersmoothies now🚀It’s a total life savior, also very healthy, filling and tasty‼️
    100% recommend it.

  27. Pijus

    Fun product. Always try to have one in my backpack👍

  28. Povilas

    Labai patiko, puiki alternatyva užkandžiams sporto (bėgimo, dviračio) metu!

  29. Renata Kovtun

    Labai patiko visai šeimai. Lengvas užkandis ir kiekvienas turim savo mėgiamą skonį. Nuoširdžiai rekomenduoju 👌

  30. Aušrinė

    Very fulfilling and tasty. CEO’s favourite with mango is the best 😍

  31. Karolis

    Wow… It’s almost too full. Amazing!

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